Exclusive selection


Gold has been preserving the value of property for thousands of years, while we have been active in gold trade for a hundred years now. This is the reason why we have become exclusive partners of renowned “golden brands” for the Croatian market, and we are proud of it. Let our experience help you choose an option that works for you. We created our unique offer in cooperation with our renowned partners from Europe and other parts of the world.

Gold ingots

Gold ingots are products made of the purest gold – with a purity up to 999.9/1000.

Gold coins

Gold coins represent a combination of history, culture, the art of manufacturing, and a wise investment.

Silver ingots

Silver is much more accessible than gold, which makes silver ingots a smart choice as an initial investment.

Silver coins

Silver coins. Attractive looking products which are also sought after as collector’s pieces.

Experience is a guarantee of excellence


Investment gold is not only about buying and selling. Our service is not only about transactions. We ensure a wide range of services with the aim of creating a quality environment for the development of the gold market and in order to allow our clients to find everything they need in one place

Professionalism and responsibility

Thanks to our long experience, we are capable of gaining quality insight into the needs of our clients, which is the reason why we are constantly improving our services.

Consultation services

Request a free consultation about investing in gold – choose what best breitling suits you and what best meets your needs.

Gold storage

We have the safest place for your gold – entrust us with your gold and we will guard it.

Please let us know if you have any questions


Let us know if you have suggestions, ideas, criticisms or desires. Whatever the reason, whether you invested in gold, want to invest in gold, want to know more about investing in gold… Or if you just want to speak to someone. We are here for you.